La vida es complicada

Steve Bloomfield, en el último número de Monocle:

“The urge to make things simple is understandable. It’s also stupid. Simplification makes us dumber. (…) Making things simple —dumbing down, if you like— is not just making us stupid, it is downright dangerous. (…) Complex problems require complex solutions. Simple problems require simple solutions. If we make the complex simple we end up with the wrong solutions. This isn’t about over-complicating arguments. Nor is it about using long words when plain English will do just fine. Nor is this an argument about how clever (or otherwise) we are. Life is complicated. Let’s not pretend it’s easy.”


Occupy Your Money es un proyecto que pretende circular dólares estampados con infografí­as que pretenden clarificar las desigualdades económicas en los Estados Unidos. Simple, ¿no?